Financial businessman Samuel Oshana

November 25, 2017
Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, businessman Samuel Oshana left the historic city behind for other pursuits. He completed his studies at New York University’s Stern School of Business, focusing on finance, which would become his career. Following NYU, he worked at JP Morgan as well as Heartland Securities, holding series 6, 55 and 63 licenses in his endeavors with clientele.

Currently, Sam Oshana resides and conducts business in Miami Beach, Florida. He not only holds investments in several startup companies, but he has continued in various finance work. Today, he loans capital funding to both individuals and small companies while collateralizing underlying real estate as security.

Investment Advisory Services by Samuel Oshana

August 25, 2017
Samuel Oshana has demonstrated himself to be a highly successful businessman and investment advisors er the course of his impressive career. In fact, to this day, a great many clients have trusted him for years to help them make the best possible investments over a number of business sectors throughout Florida and New York. His business success is based on his remarkable ability to choose an investment strategy that meets the client’s needs.

Overall, Sam Oshana has done almost everything. He has excelled at guiding business startups, of course, but he has also taken a substantial number of already-existing companies and guiding them to their greatest success. He has a knack for making them more efficient effective and profitable, which increases their value in the market. He has done that for others’ companies, but he has also done so for himself. One of Samuel Oshana’s greatest examples could be his role in the startup of Apex data Systems, a merchant payment processor, which he was able to guide to a level of success that allowed it to be sold a few years later for a significant return.

Investment Pro Sam Oshana Can Help You

May 15, 2017
Over a long and varied business and investment career, Samuel Oshana has been very successful in a great many business areas. A significant amount of his success is due to his demonstrated ability to start up new companies and nurture them to great success. For example, he played a key role in the startup of Apex Data Systems, a merchant payment processing company. Not only did he co-found the startup, but he nurtured it to an amazing level of growth and turned it into an appealing takeover target. He was able to then sell Apex for a very impressive profit.

For the past few years, Samuel Oshana, who was born in Boston, but who has lived in New York and now considers Miami Beach to be his home, has greatly expanded his range of investment and improved his investment capabilities. Not only is he loaning money to individuals and small businesses, using their real estate holdings as collateral as a great investment platform, but he also obtained a Florida real estate brokerage license, which now allows him to invest more heavily in commercial and residential real estate in Florida.

Over the years, Samuel Oshana has had considerable success in New York and Florida. He has put in time working at some of the greatest brokerage firms in the country, including JP Morgan and Heartland Securities, where he made lots of money for his clients. Now, Sam Oshana invests more aggressively, and his clients appreciate it. His investments in fixing and flipping distressed properties in Dade and Broward Counties, for example, have been very profitable.

Florida Investment and Real Estate Pro: Sam Oshana

February 15, 2017
Throughout a long business, Samuel Oshana has seen a reasonable level of success in a wide variety of business sectors. For instance, he has demonstrated a high level of skill when it comes to starting up new companies from scratch and bringing them a high level of success. One of his favorite endeavors was when he working with First Data Corporation and he helped found Apex Data Systems, which is a payment processing company that serves merchants nationwide. Within a few years, he had guided Apex to the point where he was able to sell the company for a healthy profit.

Samuel Oshana was born in Boston, but he lived in New York for a number of years and he currently considers Miami home. Over the course of many years, Sam, has expanded his investment capabilities many times. His latest move was to obtain a Florida real estate brokerage license because that gives him the ability to invest more in Florida real estate, both residential and commercial. He really likes to find distressed properties and turn them into homes people want to buy through rehabilitation and restoration. He then sells the properties for top dollar, which is an excellent return on an investment.

The bulk of Samuel Oshana’s success has come in two states, New York and Florida, but since he moved to Florida and started concentrating on real estate, his current success is mostly in Florida. Sam has worked at some of the most important brokerages in the country, including Heartland Securities and JP Morgan. For years, he has held series 7, 55 and 63 brokers’ licenses and his time as a broker has taught him the importance of making the best possible investment. Sam Oshana continues to invest aggressively, loaning capital to individuals and small companies, while using their real estate as collateral. That is likely to allow him to maintain his success for a long time.